#SciFund 201: Open Notebook Science

SciFund 201 is an online class that trains scientists in the practice of open notebook science. Students gain experience in using an online notebook platform in order to become more comfortable with the idea of providing public access to information. For more information about the class, click here.

The class is broken up into four components:

Module 1: What is Open Notebook Science, and why is it important?

This section is designed to introduce you to open notebook science and open access, but more importantly we will explain why you should use an open notebook. This module will be conversation heavy, so we will use the initial time to get setup on Google+ and get your open notebook going. We will then schedule some Google Hangouts toward the end of the module to discuss the details face-to-face.

Module 2: Starting your own open notebook.

With all the initial startup out of the way, you will get to dive head-first into your new open notebook. We will talk about the features of your notebook and how you can use it to your advantage. You will then get to start creating content to fill your notebook.

Module 3: The benefits of WordPress.

Once you get the idea of notebooking and what content you want to include, you will start to get in the habit of maintaining a notebook. Here we will discuss many of the features that sets WordPress apart. We will discuss organizational structure, static pages, and commenting and how the use of these features will enhance your notebook.

Module 4: Tools beyond WordPress.

As you continue to update your notebook, we will introduce various tools that you can use to supplement your notebook and research. These tools can not only expand the capabilities of your notebook, but can even enhance your scientific reputation and career. We will also discuss the option of incorporating outreach into your notebook, which will increase it’s usability.

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