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Lab Safety

Laboratory Rules:
1. Wash off bench tops with 10% bleach before and after each laboratory period
2. Wash hands at end of each laboratory period
3. Keep bench tops clear of excess materials
4. If material is spilled or glassware is broken, inform the TA immediately
5. Be cautious with Bunsen burners or open flames – keep paper away from flame and tie up long hair
6. Absolutely NO open toed shoes or sandals in lab
7. Absolutely NO food or drinks allowed in lab (this includes gum and/or water bottles)
8. Pay careful attention to the TA instructions on disposable of materials or special precautions for handling material


Course Discussion

Please make sure to be regularly checking the course discussion page as instructors will be using this as a message board and posting important updates and assignments there. You can also use it to communicate with us and your classmates. Thanks!


FAQ: how do I make a notebook entry?

Select My Sites on toolbar, scroll down to Ecology of Infectious Marine Diseases [course], select new post, add text and/or media documenting all of your amazing scientific discoveries for the day, and hit publish. That’s it! New posts automatically tag as Notebook Entry or you can select the appropriate tag under Categories.

Easy breezy! ;)