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Computing – Retrieve data from Amazon EC2 Instance

I had an existing instance that still had data on it from my PyRad analysis on 20160727 that I needed to retrieve.

Logged into Amazon AWS via the web interface and started my existing instance (via the Actions > Instance State > Start menu). After the instance started and generated a new public IP address, I SSH’d into the instance:

ssh -i "/full/path/to/bioinformatics.pem" ubuntu@instance.public.ip.address

NOTE: I needed the full path to the PEM file! Tried multiple times using a relative path (e.g. ~/Documents/bionformatics.pem) and received error messages that the file did not exist and “Permission denied (public key)”.

Changed to the directory with the PyRAD analysis and created a tarball to speed up eventual download from the EC2 instance to my local computer:

tar -cvzf 20160715_pyrad_analysis.tar.gz /home/ubuntu/data/analysis/

After compression, I used secure copy to copy the file from the EC2 instance to my local computer:

scp -i "/full/path/to/bioinformatics.pem" ubuntu@instance.public.ip.address:/home/ubuntu/data/20160715_pyrad_analysis.tar.gz /Volumes/toaster/sam/

This didn’t work initially because I attempted to transfer the file using Hummingbird (instead of my computer). The SSH connection kept timing out. The reason for this was that I hadn’t previously used Hummingbird to connect to the EC2 instance and Hummingbird’s IP address wasn’t listed in the Security Groups table as being allowed to connect. I made that change using the Amazon AWS web interface:

Once transfer was complete, I terminated the EC2 instance and the corresponding data volume.


Computing – The Very Quick “Guide” to Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Instances (EC2)

This all takes a surprisingly long time to set up.

Setup AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM): http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/introduction.html?icmpid=docs_iam_console

Install AWS command line interface: https://aws.amazon.com/cli/

Copy files to S3 bucket:

aws s3 cp /Volumes/web/nightingales/O_lurida/20160223_gbs/160123_I132_FCH3YHMBBXX_L4_OYSzenG1AAD96FAAPEI-109_1.fq.gz s3://Samb
aws s3 cp /Volumes/web/nightingales/O_lurida/20160223_gbs/160123_I132_FCH3YHMBBXX_L4_OYSzenG1AAD96FAAPEI-109_2.fq.gz s3://Samb

Launch EC2 instance c4.2xlarge (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 8 vCPUs, 16 GiB RAM). Configured to have SSH open (TCP, port 22) and also to be able to access Jupyter Notebook via tunnel (TCP, port 8888). Set with “My IP” to limit access to these ports.

Create new key pair. Have to change permissions:

chmod 400 bioinformatics.pem


Connect to instance

For Amazon AMI:

ssh -i "bioinformatics.pem" ec2-user@ip.address.of.instance


For Amazon Ubuntu Server:

ssh -i "bioinformatics.pem" ubuntu@ip.address.of.instance

Update/Upgrade default Ubuntu packages at after initial launch:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade


Set up Docker

Install Docker for Ubuntu 14.04 and copy our bioinformatics Dockerfile to the /home directory of the EC2 instance:

ssh -i "bioinformatics.pem" /Users/Sam/GitRepos/LabDocs/code/dockerfiles/Dockerfile.bio ubuntu@ip.address.of.instance:

Access data stored in Amazon S3 bucket(s)

Mounting S3 storage as volume in EC2 instance requires https://github.com/s3fs-fuse/s3fs-fuse


Mount bucket:

sudo s3fs Samb /mnt/s3bucket/ -o passwd_file=/home/ubuntu/s3fs_creds



s3fs: BUCKET Samb, name not compatible with virtual-hosted style.


Turns out, the error is due to the bucket name having an uppercase letter.

Made new bucket in S3 (via web interface) and copied data files to the new bucket. Will try mounting again once the files are copied over (this will take awhile; the two files total 36GB)..