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Bioanalyzer – Herring Liver cDNA for SOLiD Libraries

Samples were run on the DNA 1000 chip for cDNA smear analysis.

Results: 2 of the 4 samples (2L & 3L) look perfect (<20% of cDNA in the 25-150bp range). 6L has <20% of the cDNA in the 25-150bp range (which is perfect), but exhibits a “smear” from ~250-500bp. cDNA in this range suggests overamplification, which will skew gene expression profile. Can repeat PCR for 6L using outer gel slices and reduce the number of cycles to prevent overamplification, if desired. Spoke to Steven and since these samples won’t be used to evaluate gene expression (they’re for SNP discovery), we won’t worry about it for the time being.

Sample 4L has some very strange signals being generated in the ~500-800bp range. Additionally, the virtual gel image (not shown) shows a great deal of smearing, unlike the other samples.