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PCR – pCR2.1/OsHV-1_ORF117 Colony Screens

Screened five colonies from yesterday’s transformation via PCR using M13 primers.

I don’t have any sequence for the actual insert, so am relying on assessing empty vector vs vector with insert, based on PCR amplicon size.

Master mix calcs:

2x GoTaq Green Master Mix: 80uL
M13 forward: 4uL
M13 reverse: 4uL
H2O: 88uL

Added 20uL to each PCR tube.

Colonies were selected randomly, streaked on a new LB Amp100 plate with a sterile pipet tip, and then added to the PCR tube.

Cycling params:

1 cycle

95C – 10mins

30 cycles:

95C – 15s
55C – 15s
72C – 30s

1 cycle

72C – 5mins

PCR reactions were run on a 1% agarose 1xTBE gel + EtBr.

5uL of O’GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix was loaded for sizing.









Well, these results are confusing. Immediate conclusion is that all colonies screened are empty, due to the small size of the amplicons produced (<100bp). However, looking at a vector map of pCR2.1 (the vector that the OsHV-1 ORF117 is supposedly cloned in), there are ~200bp between the M13 forward and M13 reverse primers. So, even an empty vector should produce an amplicon larger than what is seen on this gel.

I’ll contact Tim Green to see if he can provide any insight (and/or any actual sequence for OsHV-1 ORF117 so that I can order an insert specific primer to aid in confirmation).