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Received Hard Clam Samples and Live Clams from MBL

Received 82 gill samples in RNA Later in 3 microfuge tube racks from MBL (Scott Lindell). Samples were catalogued, boxed (1 box) and stored at -80C.

The live clams were received in two bags one containing ~12 labelled MA4 and one containing ~12 labelled BX1. Clams were NOT counted and the quantity may be different. Clams were temporarily stored @ 4C.


Package – Hard Clam Samples from MBL

Rec’d package from Scott Lindell @ MBL containing 65 screw cap tubes in a white microtube rack. All tubes are tissues in RNA Later (presumably). One sample (MA4-5) was lost during a brief centrifugation to get tissue sample unstuck from top of tube and in to RNA Later solution. The head of the tube snapped off and the entire tube/sample was obliterated in the rotor. Also, it appears as though all the tubes leaked RNA Later solution during transport. Samples were temporarily stored @ 4C and will be catalogued/transferred to -80C.


Samples Received – Hard Clam samples from Rutgers and MBL

 *Important Note: These were received while I was out of lab. This notebook entry was added 20101021*

Received sets of gill tissue and hemolymph in RNA Later from Rutgers (Emily). Here’s the note that was included with the samples.

Received set of gill tissue in RNA Later MBL (Scott Lindell).

All samples were stored @ -80C.


MBL Shipment – Hard Clam gill tissue in RNA Later

Received samples from Scott Lindell today. Two Ziplock bags taped together labelled “11/16/09 Clams scudders.” The bags contain 2mL screw cap tubes with small tissue samples in RNA later. One group of tubes is labelled with FL-3 # and the other group with BX-4 #. Samples will be stored at 4C to be processed later this month.


MBL Shipment – Sepia tissue samples

Received sepia tissue samples in RNA Later from Kendra Buresch. Here’s the list of tissue we received, according to the Post-It with the samples:

  1. 4th arm

  2. ventral mantle center

  3. ventral mantle side

  4. fin

  5. dorsal mantle center

  6. dorsal mantle side

  7. retina x 2

Samples were temporarily stored @ 4C. Will discuss with Steven on long term storage (if necessary).


MBL Shipment – Hard Clams

Received hard clams from Scott Lindell today. Two bags. One group (4 live clams, 1 empty shell) labelled as “FL” and another group (9 live clams) labelled as “BX.” Clams were transferred to separate plastic shoebox containers with sea water and sand. They were stored at 15C until ready for experiment.