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Data Analysis – qPCR Baseline Threshold Determination for RLOv DNA Helicase qPCR Assay

Idetermined a qPCR baseline threshold to use for the withering syndrome RLOv DNA helicase qPCR assay in the following fashion.

I adjusted baseline threshold values of the following eight qPCR runs so that the mean Cq  values for each component of the standard curves (per plate) across plates were within 0.5 Cqs and averaged the baseline thresholds.

The average baseline threshold was 580.5.

This value will be manually applied to all past and future RLOv DNA helicase qPCR runs that were conducted on the Friedman Lab CFX96.

Sam_2016-01-25 10-48-06_CC009827.pcrd 609
Sam_2016-01-22 10-15-55_CC009827.pcrd 569
Sam_2016-01-21 15-12-31_CC009827.pcrd 576
Sam_2016-01-06 16-01-36_CC009827.pcrd 550
Sam_2015-12-28 15-44-35_CC009827.pcrd 613
Sam_2015-12-28 11-20-16_CC009827.pcrd 614
Sam_2015-12-24 11-02-59_CC009827.pcrd 531
Sam_2015-12-23 13-57-01_CC009827.pcrd 582