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Data Summary – Black Abalone Phage qPCRs

A quick summary table of the various black abalone qPCRs I ran yesterday:

SAMPLE RLO_MCP RLO_ph_protease XC_prophage_portal RLOv_DNA_helicase WSN
06:06-50  +  +  +  +  +
06:06-52  +  +  +  +  +
07:12-01  -  -  -  +  -
07:12-02  -  -  -  -  -
08:13-05  +  +  +  -  +
08:13-18  +  +  +  -  +
08:13-24  +  +  +  -  +*
08:13-25  +  +  +  -  +
  • This sample technically showed amplification, but came up after the last point on the standard curve. Most likely due to extremely low concentration (~0.5ng/uL).

  • RLO Major Capsid Protein (RLO_MCP)

  • RLO Prohead Protease Protein (RLO_ph_protease)
  • XenoCal Phage Portal Gene (XC prophage)

qPCR – RLO Prophage Genes

Ran qPCRs on a set of black abalone digestive gland DNA (sample list provided by Carolyn):

07:12-01 (Black Ab exp 1)
07:12-02 (Black Ab exp 1)
08:13-05 (Black Ab exp 2)
08:13-18 (Black Ab exp 2)
08:13-24 (Black Ab exp 2)
08:13-25 (Black Ab exp 2)

UW06:06-50 (Black Ab exp 1)
UW06:06-52 (Black Ab exp 1)

The two samples with a strikethrough did not have any DNA left in the tubes and were not run.

Gene targets:
– RLO Major Capsid Protein (RLO_MCP)
– RLO Prohead Protease Protein (RLO_ph_protease)
– XenoCal Phage Portal Gene (XC prophage)

Master mix calcs are here (Google Sheet): 20170413 – qPCR_XCphagePortal_RLOcapsid_RLOprohead

The same master mix calculations were used for each, just swapped in appropriate primers.

All samples were run in duplicate.

Cycling params, plate layout, etc. can be found in the qPCR Report (see Results below).

qPCR Report (PDF): Sam_2017-04-13 14-56-03_CC009827.pdf
qPCR Data File (CFX): Sam_2017-04-13 14-56-03_CC009827.pcrd

Melt curves for all three primer sets looked perfect (see below)

Amplification present for all samples, with all three primers except the 07:12 samples.

Will pass info along to Carolyn and Stan.

Will add info to the following two spreadsheets (Google Sheets):

Black Abalone: Expt 1 – WS & Phage

Black Abalone: Expt 2 – WS only



Green = RLO_ph_protease

Brown = RLO_MCP

Blue = XC_prophage



Ran three primer sets on laser capture microscopy (LCM) DNA samples from 2005 and 2007. Ran the following primer sets:

  • WSN1 (detects RLO)
  • RLOv_helicase (detects RLO phage)
  • XenoCal_prophage

The DNA samples were provided to me by Lisa. I’m not entirely sure of their history:


Master mix calcs (Google Sheets):

All samples were run in duplicate. Plate layout, cycling params, etc. are in the qPCR Reports (see Results below).

Standard curves:

Baseline threshold was manually set to 580 for the WSN1 samples, as previously determined by Lisa for this assay.

Baseline threshold was manually set to 580.5 for the RLOv DNA helicase samples, as previously determined by me on 20160128.





RLOv DNA helicase:


XenoCal prophage:


Summary table of all three genes in each sample. Unfortunately, I don’t fully understand the sample name nomenclature, so I can’t really come to any conclusions about the data. Will pass along to Carolyn, Lisa, and Stan.

It’s also important to note that, due to low sample volume, I did not quantify these samples. This is important because any samples listed below that are negative for all three genes can not be conclusively declared “negative”, since we can’t rule out the possibility that they simply lack any DNA.

Presumably they were quantified after their initial extraction?

LCM New RLO 09 + + +
LCM ST RLO 09 - - -
LCM New 08:30-5 B + + +
LCM New 08:30-5 - - -
LCM ST 08:30-3 - - -
LCM WS RLO + - +













XenoCal prophage