A call for help: (open) science tools

As I announced in my first blog post: I am working on creating a list of all kinds of science services on the web, in the hopes of creating a low-threshold open science workflow. I try to stay on top of all kinds of tools, but I find new ones each day—creating the feeling that I am not as encompassing as I would like to be.

To improve this, I would like to request the (scientific) community to help and check out the spreadsheet in which I show all the services I have found thus far. You can find it here, and it can be freely edited. If you think you have a service that should be on the list, please put it on there. If you are not sure, put it on there and I will see its applicability. Better to have too many input than too little at the moment. If its initial use for research is unclear, please put something in the notes so I know how it might be a valuable tool, even though it is initially not aimed towards research (e.g. Github). Feel free to contact me on twitter (@chartgerink) if you have any questions.

Please note that, if signed in to your Google account, your name will appear on the revision history. If you prefer this not to happen, please log out of your Google account or open a private session in your browser (often Ctrl+Shift+N).

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