Awarded Shuttleworth Flash Grant

I am proud to announce that I have been awarded a Shuttleworth Flash Grant. This $5000 grant is an empowering grant, considering that there are simply no strings attached except communicating about what you do with it openly (YES: no budgets/proposals/record keeping/you name all the other tedious aspects of grants that detract from actually doing things with the grant).

Not only is it empowering because of a lack of bureaucracy — it is also a badge of honor considering how it is described: “we award a number of small grants to a collection of social change agents, no strings attached, in support of their work.” Being called a change agent sounds like a humongous complement to me! Additionally, the Shuttleworth Foundation just oozes openness (see video below), which adds to the weight I assign to the Foundation.

I am proud to have been chosen as a Flash Grantee and I look forward to finding effective ways to utilize it for change (e.g., for copyright reform). I will keep you posted on what I do with it here!


18 thoughts on “Awarded Shuttleworth Flash Grant

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