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Introduction to Chris H.J. Hartgerink’s Open Science Notebook

My name is Chris H.J. Hartgerink, from the Netherlands. I am currently in a Research Master in Methodology and Statistics program at Tilburg University and have a background in Social Psychological research. I am currently inspecting possible PhD topics.

My current work focuses on indexing academic tools available to make open science easier and writing a (short) piece on one possible workflow for researchers, which I am currently developing myself. My main motivation for this project is to help researchers who are interested in open science, but are mindboggled by the amount of tools available and do not know how to integrate these into their workflow. This leads to the possibility of foregoing open science partially or entirely, due to lack of time and/or motivation to look into this. Lowering this threshold might provide researchers with a proper starting point, on which they can build their own workflow if needed. Any work on this will be Version Controlled on github (see here)

Any feedback on posts is greatly appreciated, even if it just a typo :-)

My other academic profiles that might be a valuable addition to this notebook in due time (sparseness of the profiles is due to the fact that I am only starting in research just now):
Open Science Framework