Video Upload?!?!?!

I am not able to upload videos. Has anyone been else had this problem? For my lab’s wordpress/blog site, we had to upgrade the account to be able to upload video. To the powers that be (Lisa or Steven), is this the case? Might make our week in review videos difficult.

@brianglanz here now, I’m editing this to show an example of embedding a YouTube video (see my comment below) …

3 thoughts on “Video Upload?!?!?!

  1. Profile photo of Brian GlanzBrian Glanz

    We can do video uploads here, but nobody handles video better than YouTube. If possible, upload there and then embed the videos here.

    The easiest way to embed a video is to put its URL on its own line, not as a link / just as text. This can be done in notebook entries and also, by the way in updates posted to the group discussion.

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