Oyster Filtration project – Day 1

Lessons I have learned through out my science experience (including today): 1) Everything takes twice as long as you expect and 2) protocols hardly ever go as planned



Much of the morning was reserved to Carolyn, Drew and I trying to collect enough Laby to add to the beakers so that we could possibly see the change if oysters do filter it out.


The Laby mucus nets apparently help them stick to each other and to any convenient surface so it was difficult to calculate what concentration of Laby we had to start the experiment with. Despite this, we got the experiment up and running at 2.20pm. Collin’s suggestion of a detergent was pure gold. Addition of Tween (a very viscous detergent) was very successful in breaking up clumps of Laby in order to get more accurate counts. I calculated that we got 1.9 x10^5 cells per mL into the beakers that had Laby. This is not quite the number we had originally strived for, but still a very dense culture.

Thank you to those who volunteered to collect water samples right after dinner and especially those who are planning to collect water tonight at 10.20pm. Your help is appreciated.

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