Alternative pathogens

I enjoyed talking more about protists this morning via Lisa and Steven’s lectures. As I work with a protist as one of the pathogens that infects sea fans, I find it’s hard to get a sense of what their strategies are when not much is known about their natural history and the range of infections they cause. The life cycle is particularly tricky! One of the things I was most excited about in deciding to take this course was the opportunity to think more about some of these unusual pathogens. It gives me more hypotheses to test!

The rest of the day was spent autoclaving a lot of water. In small quantities. In 3 different autoclaves. Super exciting, I know, but good preparation for trying to learn more about the sea star wasting disease with as sterile of a set-up as we can manage. Tomorrow we’ll continue the process of comparing asymptomatic and symptomatic stars. It was great to get more ideas from the whole class!


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