Sea Star: Round 2

Our Sea Star experiment began on 07/31/2014.


We set-up 15 tanks in a cold room (set to 20C) with filtered/autoclaved sea water within our experimental sea table (3×5). Our objective is to test what is in the water that the stars circulated after 20hrs. The conditions tested were asymptomatic, exposed without lesions, and 1 or more lesions (4 of each). We also had 1 of the follow in the remaining 3 tanks: control initial (T0), temp logger, and control finish (T1) in the center (see Fig. Exp. Set-up below).


All star samples were collected well into the night last night (after 20 hrs). We meticulously collected the samples in order to not expose stars to one another, and subsequently   water from each will be filtered.


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