In silico

Today marked the beginning of our transition from conventional labwork into the wonderful and scary world of bioinformatics.  We learned how to use Ipython, which is very cool and saves all of your code so you can go back and see what you did!  Much better than those text files with random bits copied and pasted that I’ve been “maintaining”.  I will definitely be using this! Unfortunately, my notebook from this morning didn’t save…Even though I hit the save button multiple times.  I should probably make sure that I have saved all of my hard work next time.  In brief, we downloaded the Swissprot information and made it into a blast database.  We then blasted our transcriptome against this database, modified the output and uploaded it to sqlshare.

I was also able to look at some histology slides of my study organism, acropora cervicornis with Carolyn.  Going to do some In situ hybridization in the near future, very excited!!


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