I love terminal and terminal loves me

Today we dove headfirst into terminal, blast and (my favorite of the day) IPython. I’m relatively comfortable with working in a terminal, but everything else was all new to me. I’m especially excited about the learning more about how to use IPython. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about making a more complete transition from my paper notebooks to a digital notebook but have had a hard time finding a program that worked for me.

In the afternoon Steve gave us some context for who he is and what his research interests are. He’s a strong advocate for practicing open science, which includes having digital notebooks, sharing code and data and maintaining an online presence. One issue that came up today, and has come up in every conversation I have ever had about open science, is the fear of being scooped or having your data “stolen”. This question is so common that the open science group at UC Davis dedicated a whole workshop to the issue. Because they’re an open science group, the whole workshop called “Getting famous or getting scooped? Risks and opportunities in sharing your science and scholarship” is on youtube at

It’s a bit long but was an interesting conversation about how open science works and why we should all be doing it. Today was a good reminder that I need to be more proactive about exploring my options around not just publishing my work in journals but getting it out via other avenues.

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