YSI Data from Eelgrass bed on Shaw Island, WA, Picnic Cove

Data from the YSI taken at Picnic Cove on Shaw Island, WA. Each reading was taken off the bottom by few inches. The site was moderately infected with the laby. There were more blades with lesions at the site then the one we went to in False Bay. False Bay had both lower density of Z. marina and lower prevalence of disease. Readings were taken from the culling experiment plots during low tide right before we removed the blades for analysis. Three readings were taken: East end of cull experiment, middle of cull experiment, and west side of cull experiment. Start time was 10:15 AM.

Date Site location of reading Temp (C) Salinity (ms/s) DO% pH DRP
7/25/14 Picnic Cove East End 15.11 45.88 6.5 7.49 -666.9
7/25/14 Picnic Cove Middle Plot 14.25 45.92 6.1 7.56 -619.2
7/25/14 Picnic Cove West End 14.37 46.10 5.2 5.20 -578.2

Sorry for not getting this up sooner! I forgot it was in my notebook.

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