David –> Revigo –> “playing”

Today I took my file and explored it a lot more in DAVID in the morning. There are so many cool functions! Check out my notebook for some figures on KEGG networks of genes in enriched processes.

In the PM I took my file and analyzed it in Revigo. The class was much more free form today and I feel like there was a glut of information and analyses we achieved! Therefore, I will be devoting more time to reviewing other people’s notebook to see what they did.

In short, I put the GO terms from DAVID on enriched processes into Revigo to visualize it in a couple ways. Then Casey and I spent the remainder of the afternoon messing around to get data into iPath to visualize both Up and down regulated differentially expressed genes on a KEGG network… to be continued but we’re close.

P.S. Today was a convenient day for an invert immunity lecture! We’re starting to think about it a lot more with the data that’s emerging.


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