Fisherman Bay eelgrass

**the images in this post have been updated to reflect the correct station numbers

I spent part of my day working with the data from the eelgrass collected from Fisherman Bay on 8/9/14.

First, I looked at prevalence, or the proportion of infected blades. I looked at the entire bay, and then broke down prevalence by station.

This is pretty cool as it shows a distinct change in prevalence from the mouth of the bay (station 1) to the stations further in. Sandy gave me this map today showing the 5 stations, 4 of which had eelgrass and were sampled last friday.

Next, I looked at prevalence by size class. As we all noticed, these blades were much larger than the ones we sampled from the intertidal at Indian Cove and False Bay.
Finally I took a stab at severity of infection by graphing blade length vs. total lesion length.
I think understanding this relationship between blade size, site and infection will take some more complex math than had time for today. Looking forward to Maya’s talk on Thursday morning for more insight into how to approach this data.

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