Sea star PCR

We got bands! And it looks very exciting as we’re getting hits in both of our diseased sea stars only in the coelomic fluid (important for wound healing and immunity, Holm et al, 2010). Lanes 2-5 are the first set of primers we redesigned, lanes 6-19 are the second set we ordered (we’re getting a product in the 250bp range), and the bottom half of the gel is the primer set we used in week 1. Again, we are not getting DNA amplification with that set but we have at least one primer set that works, so we can move forward with our ISH experiment and start making probes tomorrow.

Also very excited to start team meetings tomorrow and set some RNAseq goals for the next few days.

EDIT: We used tissue from the cecum, not the coelomic fluid. Lanes 2-5 are, respectively, H1_T, H1_D, D1_T, D1_D.


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