Oysters, clams, and mussels, oh my!

Yesterday I got the results back from the qPCR that I sent out at the start of the class. This was a very interesting set of samples. It included clams from several sites with sea star wasting disease and a set of oysters exposed to sick sea stars in the lab. It is similar to the experiment looking at bivalve filtering with the eelgrass and laby. The results are below and I will discus them tomorrow morning with the group.

Bivalve Graphs (8-12-14_ME_Updated)

Today I got continued looking up the genes which I have been finding associated with echinoderm immunity and healing in the literature. I have been working back from the papers, looking the gene up in the DEG’s instead of the other way around. I have been making notes on the excel file and will post it when I get enough done.

I worked through the whole enrichment analysis today from RNAseq to data visualization. It was really fun and I go it all to work! It was really great to have Lauren’s workflow posted so I could check through it when I got stuck. I will post my IPython notebook tomorrow since when I let the lab maxine had not refreshed yet. I have downloaded Anaconda so the I can start working on IPython on my won computer.

Allison and I got our week 3 video done! She will be posting it in her notebook. Check it out!

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