PCR, probes, paths….. and a really cool video!!

Well, we got bands again after running the PCR with our sea star primers. This time we ran the full gamut of tissues with primer 1 (top lanes, 218bp), getting bands in the diseased cecum. Primer 2 (bottom lanes, 250bp) again shows bands in diseased cecum, as well as  healthy cecum and a healthy tube foot.  Apparently both our recipes for cPCR and DIG-PCR use the same concentration of MgCl, so I’m not sure exactly we’re having problems getting a probe product. We might need another DIG-PCR run before we put this ISH to rest.


Also spent a lot of time working in IPython trying to blast the star transcriptome against the urchins. The script hasn’t really changed much from yesterday, I think I just have to get my blast path. Almost there, promising amazing results soon!

……….On a more fun note, check out this video I found of sea stars feasting on mussels!! They’re so cool!!

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