Today (8/13/14) team Labby went down to the lab to prepare our experiment we had to measure out the little oysters that we love so much and they had to be between 25 and 28 mm. I thought I did a good job with that. Then I got some seawater. Needless to say I did a good job with that. However, something I thought was interesting was the use of controls for our experiment. Because we want to make sure that it is an actual biological process the oyster facilitates that reduces the amount of Labby in the water column we shucked a group of oysters and sealed the shells with nail polish. If it is a biological process that facilitates the reduction of Labby in the water column then the water samples with these oyster shells in them will show significant signs of Labby reduction. Alternatively, the labby might just naturally store themselves in the shells of the oysters and netting that suspends them in the water column. Then we went our separate ways to do some research on Labby. At the end of the day we listened to Carolyn’s and Steven’s presentation to Friday Harbor. I think  I need to take another chemistry class but I would be interested to learn more about how CO2 is thought to affect calcium shell formation. I will ask Carolyn next time I see her and writing it down in this Notebook post will help me seal this commitment in long term memory.

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