Oyster Filtration Experiment – Take 2

Today, Rachel, Casey,Cody and I set up the second round of the Oyster Filtration Experiment.

The collection of Laby was alot more efficient this time around and I tried to use pipetting of the Laby off the plates to my advantage. Instead of adding Laby to the pool from straight off the plate scrapers, Casey herded most of the Laby to the middle of each plate. Then I would add 200uL filtered seawater to the plate and pipette up the suspended cells. The pool of Laby in the 50mL conical of SSA had much less clumping, I didn’t even need to add tween to a small sample to get a good hemocytometer count. After scraping prob 15 plates, we got a final concentration of Laby at 2.16×10^5 cells per mL. This is a similar concentration to what was added to the first filtration experiment.

This time around we are going to leave the oysters in for 48hrs instead of 24hrs. This is because at 24hrs, we started to see a downward trend in the SOL treatment. Perhaps 24hrs was simply not enough time to see the downward trend, if indeed that is what is happening.


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