Today (8/16/14) was not only very informative it was also one of my elementary school friend’s birthday so I would like to begin by wishing him a happy birthday. Anyway I learned a lot at the talks today. One thing I did not know was about Pathogen Persistence and Perpetuation in Pacific Herring. But know I do thanks to Paul Hershberger. What was most alarming to me was the enourmous number of virus particles that can be shed by 1 individual. I wish I documented the talk better but I think he said that there is enough farmed herring in the Salish Sea to produce 1 virus particle for every liter of sea water. That is alarming. To be honest, I heard a lot of alarming facts today. I think it is important to understand how to keep yourself happy and optimistic amidst a great deal of doom and gloom.

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