Fishing for complements (no, not that kind!)

This just in! Based off a preliminary look at the genes in the sick stars, the complement cascade and coagulation pathways are both undergoing changes in expression levels. The complement cascade, an integral part of the innate immune response with downstream effects including opsonization and phagocytosis, also has changes in gene expression of key complement factors.

vWF is an important clotting protein, both there are also several ADAMS (vWF-cleaving) proteins that are changing expression levels. Interestingly, I’m having a hard time finding any serine proteases (clotting factor activators) with differential expression levels.

What a weekend! The RCN talks were extremely interesting and I could go on about the exciting strides these scientists are making in marine disease diagnostics, outbreak forecasting, and marine disease communication.

complement and coagulation cascades

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