Wnt Signaling KEGG Pathway

Below is the the KEGG pathway for the Wnt Signaling Pathway in purple sea urchins (green). I have added all the contegs found significantly enriched in the Pycnopodia  transcriptome. They are in the red and blue boxes. The numbers after each term show the log fold change (red = negative, blue = positive). between the animals with clinical signs and those without. I have not looked through the other annotated genes yet for to see if there are more relating to the wnt signaling pathway there.


Here is my working copy of the gene list I am working from. I have not added all my references in yet but have UniProt information and some of the references included.



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  1. Profile photo of Egon WillighagenEgon Willighagen

    Dear Morgan, are you familiar with WikiPathways? It is an Open (unlike KEGG) database of pathways where a community collaboratively works on pathways. Here’s the WNT pathway:


    Using PathVisio and Cytoscape (also both Open Source; also a R package has been developed, called PathVisioRPC) a lot of visualization and “annotation” work is done. Some examples are found in this Tumblr feed:




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