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Examing HTS data upon arrival

Data is on public server http://owl.fish.washington.edu/nightingales/P_helianthoides/

In [2]:
from IPython.display import HTML
HTML('<iframe src=http://owl.fish.washington.edu/nightingales/P_helianthoides/ width=700 height=450></iframe>')

FastQC IPlant Option

See FastQC documentation for interpretation of results.
Upload fastq.gz files to IPlant (likely already done)


FastQC Local Option

FastQC can also be downloaded and run locally


In [41]:
In [43]:
from IPython.display import HTML
HTML('<iframe src= \
http://eagle.fish.washington.edu/cnidarian/3291_5903_10007_H94MGADXX_V_CF71_ATCACG_R1_fastqc/fastqc_report.html \
width=700 height=450></iframe>')
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