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tldrRNA-seq feature tracks

In an effort to better visualize the RNA-seq data from the heat shock experiment all accepted_hits.bam files from tophat2 analysis of the 6 libraries (3 pre, 3 post) were converted to bedgraphs.

-ibam accepted_hits.bam 
-g /Volumes/web/halfshell/qdod3/Cg.GCA_000297895.1.25.dna_sm.toplevel.genomee 
> 2M-HS.bedgraph

As per IGV recommendations, files were further converted to .tdf files.


I tried to do this at the command line but the bedgraph input format seemed to be a problem.

Ultimately this renders as

  • [IGV xml File]( _only renders locally_

Next step still seems to be going back to DMRs and characterizing where the exist in the genome. Nothing yet seems obvious, particularly related to differentially expressed genes.

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