Bringing Ocean Acidification System online

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I was out at Manchester yesterday to help Laura out with getting things going. tldr- Water is flowing, rising temperature seems to be an issue. This could be attributed to air temp and/or pumps. When we arrived water temperature was up to 19C after about a week. We decided to drain down system refill, calibrate… Read more »

Data check on Oly BS-Seq samples

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  For the 12 samples Select 4 samples from 1NF gel take 2 Select 4 samples from 2NF gel take 2 Select 2 from gel take 2 Lotterhos M1 M2 M3 Select 2 from the following sent to Katie (do not have to run on gel) NF2 14 NF2 6 NF2 18 NF2 15 NF2… Read more »