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I was out at Manchester yesterday to help Laura out with getting things going.

tldr- Water is flowing, rising temperature seems to be an issue. This could be attributed to air temp and/or pumps.

When we arrived water temperature was up to 19C after about a week. We decided to drain down system refill, calibrate Durafets, and monitor system over next few days with respect to temperature and pH.

Here is the system draining..


As the system drained we calibrated with NBS buffers (7-4-10). In actuality I think they were only calibrated at 7 and 4. Need to confirm calibration system with Honeywells.

Probes are designated pink, blue, green, and yellow. Two in treatment tanks and two in each of experimental systems. As we placed in 7 buffer they initially read as follows

pink – 6.6

blue – 6.98

green – 6.82

yellow – 6.89

After all were calibrated we went through buffers and just read.



2016-01-29 09.51.48


Here are more #s


Tour time (if you listen closely you can hear a narration)


As the system started to refill with ambient water (10c) this is how the pH probes read.


This is without any C02 input. We then “sample calibrated” experimental system to read same pH


At the end of the day pH was set to 7.5 in treatment tank and we will monitor to see how temperature and pH holds (assuming it can adjust with high flow rates). For more on this day check out Laura’s post.

I will leave you with an inside look at treatment tanks. Note that the first tank in the video (Tank #2) has less water coming in from the head tank as compared to Tank #1.

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