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Getting back into gear, I am assisting Andrew ID some targets from a salmonid transcriptome. With said transcriptome I am taking the blast output and getting some protein names sans SQLshare.

The tldr can be seen here, but if you have the time I will point out the key code aspects and leave you with a tabular file.

First we had the good ol tr.


Then I went ahead and downloaded the newest version of Swiss-prot details,entry%20name,go-id,interactor,database(GO),go,reviewed,interpro,pathway,protein%20names,genes,tools,organism,length"

Before joining I needed to sort.


And with the join I needed a few parameters

!join -t $'\t' -1 3 -2 1 \
blastx_sprot.sort \

And because we need to get to Excel
!open -a "Microsoft Excel"

Volia a tab file is created that can be examined further.

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