Genes (RNA-Seq) on Oly Genome

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We currently have a version (0.0.2) of the Ostrea lurida genome on CoGe. This is 38 scaffolds greater than 80k bp. Below is an effort to map gonad RNA-seq data to said genome. Two male gonad and two female libraries were mapped to the genome using TopHat in Cyverse Discovery Environment. Through the steps… I… Read more »

CoGe on Fidalgo Sibs

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As per this pipeline I will run the 8 individuals in the environmental epigenetics mini-experiment. — Once complete this is all available in the genome browser

Differential Methylation in the Kitchen

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Finally re-getting around to examing our MBD-array data in the context of RNA-seq data. Briefly we have three oysters that were heat shocked with samples taken prior to, and following. An MBD-array experiment was carried out where for each oyster we have information on 50bp genome features (selected probes on the array) whether the region… Read more »