Getting back on tracks

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Yesterday I uploaded v0.0.1 of the Geoduck genome to CoGe. Now I want to start adding tracks. To do this I used CLC to create RNA-seq tracks from our male and female gonad transcriptome data. As would be expected only a small amount of reads mapped. This is as we are limiting the genome to… Read more »

Passing Flanks

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A first look at population differences at qPCR primer sites for three population of Olympia oysters Plate 1 (samwhite_112381) included, BMP2, CARM, HSPb11, and PGEEP4. At the bottom is a full list of qPCR primers. BMP2 Limited coverage CARM Better coverage conflicts were ambigs (ie S,W,R) HSPb11 Missed qPCR primer (R did not seem to… Read more »

Quick Carmalign

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The first batch of sequencing came into today to verify sequence of Olympia oyster qPCR primers. 1) imported .ab1 files into CLC, 2) trimmed “CARM” sequences 3) aligned to comp7220_c0_seq2

Wayback to just-MBD

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Prior to bisulfite sequencing we did do a couple of MBD enrichment libraries to describe DNA methylation in oysters. Results even were snuck into this perspective. While I am sure there are genome tracks around, I am ending up #doingitagain. In short I took the raw Solid reads, align to Crassostrea_gigas.GCA_000297895.1.26.dna.genome in CLC, exported bam,… Read more »