A few outliers remaining

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Integrating last bit of qPCR data into master datasheet. This includes 5 runs post 8/15. likely error above – second EF1 was 18s test. CARM Looks nice, corrected… Elong factor Correction is fine, but mechanical reps have some issues As noticed in last batch of analysis these need to be checked at raw data level… Read more »

Finishing out with the mechanical

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Currently there is a pretty robust spreadsheet and over the past few days Jake has cranked through some reps to see how the oysters that were mechanically stressed hold up. Below is how these data are integrated. Currently the 8-10 samples (yellow) have been skipped, but we might have a look. First up is having… Read more »

Dirty and crude with Oly qPCR

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Taking the most decent Ct values, I did the simple and crude calculation, normalizing with EF1 and looking at fold over minimum. Seems to be EF1 data is skewing. Will take a look with actin and also compare delta Ct, using this as a sound reference.


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With a good two weeks hands-off of the the array data it took a bit of time to get back on target. Following up from last time (per my instruction) I began to delve into how the hypomethylated versus hypermethylated DMLs played out with respect to genomic features. Still not convinced I am convoluting the… Read more »