Fidalgo offspring at two locations

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We carried out whole genome BS-Seq on siblings outplanted out at two sites: Fidalgo Bay (home) and Oyster Bay. Four individuals from each locale were examined. A running description of the data is available @ I need to look back to a genome to analyze this. We did some PacBio sequencing a while ago…. Read more »

Panoplea of data

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We have had the data for a draft genome of Panopea generosa for a bit. Here is a quick look. All raw data is available @¬† With a first pass assembly here. There are over 14 million scaffolds at this point with 22 scaffolds greater than 100,000 bp. We are using those to kick the… Read more »

Another day, another species

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Today we sampled Jesse, the Olympia oyster selected for genome sequencing. Not as big of a specimen as yesterday, but made up for it with video. The oyster was collected in Fidalgo Bay, weighing in at 58.99 grams and 70 mm long. The adductor muscle was selected for genome sequencing, thus quickly rinsed in 10%… Read more »