Getting back on tracks

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Yesterday I uploaded v0.0.1 of the Geoduck genome to CoGe. Now I want to start adding tracks. To do this I used CLC to create RNA-seq tracks from our male and female gonad transcriptome data. As would be expected only a small amount of reads mapped. This is as we are limiting the genome to… Read more »

Panoplea of data

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We have had the data for a draft genome of Panopea generosa for a bit. Here is a quick look. All raw data is available @¬† With a first pass assembly here. There are over 14 million scaffolds at this point with 22 scaffolds greater than 100,000 bp. We are using those to kick the… Read more »

Bringing Ocean Acidification System online

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I was out at Manchester yesterday to help Laura out with getting things going. tldr- Water is flowing, rising temperature seems to be an issue. This could be attributed to air temp and/or pumps. When we arrived water temperature was up to 19C after about a week. We decided to drain down system refill, calibrate… Read more »

From Ensenada and beyond

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There have not been many posts recently, but that is not to say I have not been doing any science. Much of what I have been doing is numerous burst commits on the Panopea transcriptome paper / project. This can be found @ You can see all the Jupyter nbs in this sub-directory. I… Read more »

Big day, big clam

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Today we sampled the geoduck (Panopea generosa) for genome sequencing. Here is how things went down. It was an early morning for the clam, peaking out to see a glorious sunrise on the porch. From there it was off to the lab. After cleaning the surfaces, Brent sampled tissue. We started out started out targetting… Read more »

Second look at Geoduck transcriptome

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Last week I popped out a quick assembly and annotation on our geoduck gonadal transcriptome. A second assembly was also done using Trinity. Updates August 3 – Confirmed // in file location had no impact on assembly. July 14 – TransDecoder protein annotations 10:40am – added TransDecoder results 10:29am – added Stats via Trinity Output… Read more »