Since you’ve been gone

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Soon after Ensenada I went to Chili, SICB, and PAG (in that order). The new year is often of time to let go of lingering projects, and likely I will be doing that soon. But to bring a few pending efforts to the forefront, so that I can analyze etc here is a bit of… Read more »

Running the numbers

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Today I brought another 16 samples into the DNA extraction pipeline. These were subjected to 30 minute ProK digestion at 60C as opposed to overnight. It became clear the number scheme was complicated thus I converted to 1-32. Will keep this running fwd and cross-referencing. In the future the number scheme will be simpler, but… Read more »

Upon improving extractions

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In an attempt to determine most efficient means to get some high quality DNA from the archived oyster samples – a suite of samples were started out with M1 buffer and ProK. The first ‘unit’ to go through will be the April Dabob samples. For today, I took 16 samples from the Hood canal population… Read more »