First steps at an aggregated view of all DNA methylation data (updated)

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Seems like I have gotten close (see here) but do not have a canonical IGV session that has all of our DNA methylation data. The goal here is to generate such a product (and publish, so I do not lose it). All data is publicly available at see also data on Figshare Updates July… Read more »

Wayback to just-MBD

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Prior to bisulfite sequencing we did do a couple of MBD enrichment libraries to describe DNA methylation in oysters. Results even were snuck into this perspective. While I am sure there are genome tracks around, I am ending up #doingitagain. In short I took the raw Solid reads, align to Crassostrea_gigas.GCA_000297895.1.26.dna.genome in CLC, exported bam,… Read more »

Splicing around

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Here I am going to see to what degree I can identify differential splicing events that occur upon acute heat stress with the ultimate goal of determing if there is a relationship with differentiall splicing and DMLs. As the Tophat suite was used for RNA-seq, I will start exploring the cuffdiff output. Note all output… Read more »

Re-defining Cgigas Canonical features

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Below is an updated version of canonical genome tracks as part of the qdod project – @ github. Updates include details on version 25 gff files and adding the TE track derived via WU-Blast. Canonical Feature Tracks (Ensembl) Ensemble provides a feature tracks that are updated on a regular basis. They can be directly accessed… Read more »

Heating up the beds

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tldr – RNA-seq feature tracks In an effort to better visualize the RNA-seq data from the heat shock experiment all accepted_hits.bam files from tophat2 analysis of the 6 libraries (3 pre, 3 post) were converted to bedgraphs. As per IGV recommendations, files were further converted to .tdf files. I tried to do this at the… Read more »