Monthly Archives: January 2016

DNA extraction trial run

I wanted to try out the Omega EZNA Mollusc DNA extraction kit on some of my samples, so I processed four of them with this method. I used Porites astreoides samples 1, 10, 97, and 100. I collected a small amount of tissue that had sloughed off the skeleton from the samples preserved in salt saturated DMSO at room temp. The tissue was fairly loose, so opted not to homogenize it in any way. For the proteinase K incubation, I opted for 37º overnight. Otherwise, I performed the extraction as per the manufacturer’s instructions, without any of the optional steps.

The results were somewhat disappointing; only one sample had a concentration above 5 ng/ul. Sample #10 had a concentration of 9.3 ng/ul; the rest were below 4 ng/ul. Next time I will try more starting material, and do some homogenization. The samples are stored at -20ºC.