GOALS for November

November will be an important month. Here are my goals:

1. Prep for Belize trip

  1. Prepare DMSO and RNA later in 50 ml tubes
  2. Order supplies: decitabine, magnetic stirrers, heaters, etc
  3. Anything else??? Bring waterpik, hemacytometer?

2. Belize trip goals

  1. Collect transplanted P. astreoides, save separate samples for DNA and morphology
  2. Run short term (3-7 days) gene expression experiment in backreef
  3. Run two week heat stress experiment in aquaria
  4. Possibly collect more P. porites samples
  5. Consider other side projects

3. Continue analysis of RADseq data

  1. Things to consider: allow missing data? test for outlier loci? how to deal with EpiRAD data?
  2. Goal to have mostly complete analysis by the end of the month (also end of class)

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