RAD library prep

This is a belated post for some RAD library prep I did the week of January 23rd in the Leache Lab. I followed the same ddRAD/EpiRAD protocol I used in August. Samples included mostly Porites astreoides from the transplant experiment, as well as some geoduck samples from the OA experiment, and a handful of green and brown Anthopleura elegantissima. Sample metadata can be found here. The library prep sheet is here. The TapeStation report is here. Below is the gel image from the TapeStation report showing that the size selection was successful. However, the selection produced fragments with a mean size of 519-550 base pairs, as opposed to the size selection in August which produced ~500 bp fragments. While there will obviously be some overlap between libraries, combining samples from the two libraries may be problematic. This occurred despite identical Pippen Prep settings targeting fragments 415-515 bp. Libraries were submitted to UC Berkeley on 1/31/17 for 100 bp paired-end sequencing on the HiSeq 4000.

Library JD002_A-L