DNA extraction – A. elegantissima

Another day, another DNA extraction run. This time the results were quite good, which is especially good considering that these samples were from the anemone tentacle crowns and are the samples of interest for further work. A lesser amount of tissue appears to do fine when it is liquid nitrogen ground, which is not surprising. Here are the results (Qiagen DNeasy, 12 hr digest, 50 ul elution, Qubit DNA HS assay with 3ul sample). Samples are labelled “DNA-2″. I ran a gel and the DNA quality was also excellent, some of the best I have seen. Note that realistically remaining volumes are more like 44 ul after what was used for Qubit and gel. But that still gives more than 1 ug total. Also, a second elution with 50 ul was done in a separate tube, so there is more DNA available but not quantified.

Sample Vol ul DNA ng/ul
G4 50 37.3
A3-2 50 36.7
A1 50 too high
A1-2 50 too high
A4 50 31.5
A3 50 36
G2 50 28.6

Ae_DNA_082118 copy

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