Vibrio challenge CONTINUED (from yesterday)

500mL culture was split evenly between two containers containing 3L sterile sea water each. One container also contained 3 large, autoclaved C. gigas. Containers had an air stone to promote circulation. 4 x 1mL samples were collected from each container, pelleted @ 10,00RPM 1min. Supe removed and samples stored @ -80C. Samples will be collected @ t = 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 24 hrs. Containers were covered with aluminum foil to minimize splashing caused the by the air stone.

100uL of a 1:1,000,000 were plated on 1x LB + 1% NaCl plates and incubated O/N @ 37C. Colony count the next day = 399 colony forming units (CFU).

399 CFU/100uL = 3.99 CFU/uL
3.99 CFU/uL X 1:1,000,000 dilution = 3.99 x 10^6 CFU/uL
3.99 x 10^6 CFU/uL x 1000uL/mL = 3.99 x 10^9 CFU/mL
3.99 x 10^9 CFU/mL x 250 mL/container = 9.975 x 10^11 CFU/container

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