gDNA Isolation – Various gigas samples

Placed ~20mg fragments of tissue in 250uL DNAzol. Added 1.35uL of Proteinase K (Fermentas; 18.5mg/mL) to reach a final concentration of 100ug/mL. Incubated RT, O/N, end-over-end rotation. Will complete DNA isolation tomorrow.

Sample List:

Vt Gigas Live #3 Gill 24E (from 20080828; Tatyana’s notebook)

Gigas Control #2 Gill 24E (from 20080828; Tatyana’s notebook)

NB-1209-10 (RNA Later)

SB-1209-14 (RNA Later)

WB-1209-09 (RNA Later)

0629 gill 5aza

0629 gonad 5aza

0629 mantle 5aza

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