DNA Extraction – Taylor Water Filter Samples from 2011

Extracted DNA from the following water filter samples using the Qiagen DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit:

  • 158
  • 200
  • 279
  • 313
  • 341
  • 410
  • 433
  • 503
  • 551
  • 604

Filters were cut into ~13 pieces and placed in 1.5mL snap cap tubes containing 50uL of Proteinase K and 400uL of Buffer AL. Samples were incubated O/N @ 56C. Tubes were spun @ 16,000g @ RT for 2mins. 400uL of 100% EtOH was added to each tube and vortexed. Tubes were spun @ 16,000g @ RT for 2mins. Supe was transferred to Qiagen column. Qiagen protocol was followed from this point on. Samples were eluted with 100uL of Buffer AE and stored @ 4C.

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