DNA Quantification – MBD-enriched Olympia oyster DNA

Quantified the MBD enriched samples prepped over the last two days: MBD enrichment, EtOH precipiation.

Samples were quantified using the QuantIT dsDNA BR Kit (Invitrogen) according to the manufacturer’s protocol.

Standards were run in triplicate, samples were run in duplicate.

96-well black (opaque) plate was used.

Fluorescence was measured on the Seeb Lab’s Victor 1420 plate reader (Perkin Elmer).


Google Sheet: 20151123_MBD_libraries_quantification

Standard curve looked good – R² = 0.999

MBD recovery ranged from ~250 – 600ng.

MBD percent recoveries ranged from ~2 – 20%. Input DNA quantities were taken from Katherine’s numbers (Google Sheet): Silliman-DNA-Samples

Will contact services about getting bisulfite Illumina sequencing performed.

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