Data Management – SRA Submission Olympia Oyster UW PacBio Data from 20170323

Submitted the FASTQ files from the UW PacBio Data from 20170323 to the NCBI sequence read archive (SRA).

FTP’d the data to NCBI’s servers, following their instructions. Briefly,

Change to the directory where the FASTQ files are (Owl/web/nightingales/O_lurida) and then initiate an FTP session:

ftp -i

Enter provided username/password, change to my designated uploads directory, create new folder dedicate to this particular upload. Then, upload all the files using the mput command:

mput *filtered_subreads*

SRA deets are below (assigned FASTQ files to existing BioProject and created a new BioSample). Will update post with SRA number when processing is complete on the NCBI end.

SRA: SRS2339870
Study: SRR5809355
BioProject: PRJNA316624
BioSample: SAMN07326085

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