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Manuscript – Oly GBS 14 Day Plan

For Pub-a-thon 2017, Steven has asked us to put together a 14 day plan for our manuscripts.

My manuscript is accessible in three locations:

Current: Overleaf for final editing/formatting before submission Scientific Data.
Archival: Authorea for initial writing/comments.
Archival: GitHub for initial writing/issues.

Additionally, I have established a data repository with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) at Open Science Framework

Here’s what I have going on:

Day 1

  • Convert .xls data records to .csv to see if they will render in OSF repo.
  • Assemble figure: phylogenetic tree.
  • Add figure to manuscript.
  • Deal with any minor edits.

Day 2

  • Assemble figure: Puget Sound map.
  • Add figure to manuscript.
  • Deal with any minor edits.

Day 3

  • Submit? Depends on what Steven’s availability is to finish of Background & Summary and write up Abstract.

Manuscript Writing – More “Nuances” Using Authorea

I previously highlighted some of the issues I was having using Authorea.com as an writing platform.

As a collaborative writing platform, it also has issues.

I recently received email notifications about comments made on the manuscript. However, when visiting my manuscript on Authorea, there are no indications that any comments have been made…

As it turns out, comments are currently only viewable when using Private Browsing/Incognito modes on your browser!!!




I found this out by using the chat feature that’s built into Authorea. This feature is great and support is pretty quick to respond:



However, Josh at Authorea suggested this bug would be resolved by the end of the day (that was on February 24th). I took the above screenshots of my manuscript demonstrating that comments don’t show up when using a browser like a normal person, today, February 28th…


Another significant shortcoming to using Authorea as a collaborative writing platform, as it relates to comments:

  • You can’t reply to individual comments! You can only add comments in chronological order for any given section of the manuscript. For example, if multiple comments are made in the Methods section, it makes it extremely difficult to address individual comments that were made earlier, in a clear fashion. To reply to a comment, you have to type out which previous comment you’re currently addressing in the comment you’re writing to address a particular previous comment. See what I mean?

Manuscript Writing – The “Nuances” of Using Authorea

I’m currently trying to write a manuscript covering our genotype-by-sequencing data for the Olympia oyster using the Authorea.com platform and am encountering some issues that are a bit frustrating. Here’s what’s happening (and the ways I’ve managed to get around the problems).



PROBLEM: Authorea spits out a browser-crashing “unresponsive script” message (actually, lots and lots of them; clicking “Stop script” or “Continue” just results in additional messages) in Firefox (haven’t tried any other browsers). This renders the browser inoperable and I have to force quit. It doesn’t happen all of the time, so it’s hard to pinpoint what triggers this.



SOLUTION: Edit documents in Git/GitHub. I have my Authorea manuscript linked to a GitHub repo, which allows me to write without using Authorea.com. This is how I’ll be doing my writing the majority of the time anyway, but I would like to use Authorea.com to insert and manage citations…



PROBLEM: Authorea remains in a perpetual “saving…” state after inserting a citation. It also renders the page strangely, with HTML <br></br> tags (see the “Methods” section in the screen cap below).


SOLUTION: Type additional text somewhere, anywhere. This is an OK solution, but is particularly annoying if I just want to go through and add citations and have no intentions of doing any writing.



PROBLEM: Multi-author citations don’t get formatted with “et al.” By default, Authorea inserts all citations using the following LaTeX format:


Result: (Elshire 2011).

This is a problem because this reference has multiple authors and should be written as: (Elshire et al., 2011).

SOLUTION: Change citation format to:


Other citation formatting options can be found here (including multiple citations within one set of parentheses, and referring in-text author name with only publication year in parentheses):

How to add and manage citations and references in Authorea



PROBLEM: When a citation no longer exists in the manuscript, it still persists in the bibliography.

SOLUTION: A known bug with no current solution. Currently, have to delete them from the bibliography by hand (or, maybe figure out a way to do it programatically)…




PROBLEM: Cannot click-and-drag some references from Mendeley (haven’t tested other reference managers) without getting an error. To my knowledge, the BibTeX is valid, as it appears to be the same formatting as other references that can be inserted via the click-and-drag method. There are some references it won’t work for…


SOLUTION: Use the search bar in the citation insertion dialogue box. Not as convenient and slows down the workflow for citation insertion, but it works…